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“As a specialist who is hearing impaired, she truly understands her customers.”

No one knows more about the effects of hearing loss on a person’s life than Hearing Specialist, Frances Newman. You see Frances has had progressive hearing loss beginning early in her life. Hearing loss runs in her family, and in combination with factors such as childhood illness and noise exposure, her hearing diminished gradually over the years. Like many facing a hearing loss, she was reluctant to acknowledge there was a problem until it was undeniable. She struggled to hear a conversation even in quiet settings and was at a complete loss if there was background noise such as at meetings or parties. She felt isolated as she began to avoid social settings where she could not hear well enough to participate in conversations.

With reluctance, Frances decided to look into hearing aids, and that decision changed her life in more ways than she could imagine. “As most women concerned with appearance, I cringed at the thought of wearing the clunky old style hearing aids I had seen in the past” says Ms. Newman. “I’ll never forget what it was like the first time I put in my hearing aids. It was like someone turned on a switch in my life, and thanks to new technology, no one would know I was wearing hearing aids unless I told them.”

Since then after extensive training, Frances earned licensing by the State of Louisiana as a Hearing Aid Specialist. She has spent several years assisting others in learning that hearing loss does not mean we must alter our lives or our appearance in order to deal with the problem.

Today, Frances owns Quality Hearing Aids in Baton Rouge, the company she founded, which is committed to providing the latest technology to evaluate and assist in improving hearing. As a hearing aid user, she truly understands her customers. And, as a Hearing Aid Specialist, she is well suited to assist you with selection of the proper hearing aid. As one “who’s been there,” she knows the best adjustments necessary to get the most hearing improvement and is willing to work with you as long as necessary to help you find “That Perfect Fit!”

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