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We are proud supporters of our US War Veterans and are helping to push legislation through with the Fit to Serve House Bill which supports Veterans Access to Hearing Health Act. This bill seeks to improve Veterans Access to hearing healthcare services and to make getting that care more convenient.

In the past 13 years there have been 2 million men and women deployed with at least half of them returning home with some type of hearing disability. Therefore getting this bill pushed through opens the door for much needed help for our War Veterans.

We also support the Hearing Aid Assistance Tax Credit Act that Congress is currently debating, if enacted it would provide a $500 tax credit per hearing aid available once every 5 years for dependents and for those age 55 and older. You can visit the Better Hearing Institute website for information on how you can support this initiative.

We are also supporters of the Starkey Hearing Foundation and the Listen Carefully Program both started by the Starkey Hearing Corporation. The Starkey Hearing Foundation helps people with no financial means to get hearing aids and The Listen Carefully Program helps bring awareness to the growing number of teens with hearing loss.

We are avid supporters of the OTICON Hearing Foundation whose work aims to assist individuals with hearing loss in procuring hearing instruments and to serve, advocate for, and empower individuals with all degrees of hearing loss. They seek to educate the medical community and the public regarding issues facing individuals with hearing loss and increase public awareness and understanding of hearing loss and its impact on quality of life.

I have been and will continue to be a member of the Louisiana Society of Hearing Specialists.

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