Can You Hear Me?

Hearing loss sneaks up on a lot of people. It starts with your friend or partner saying “did you hear me”, or you notice yourself saying “what” or “can you repeat that” more often.

Many people don’t realize they have a hearing problem and usually are not prepared to deal with it. As we age, one of the key components to staying sharp, current, and, involved, is tied to hearing and how we manage our activities based on the same.

How many of us have noticed some of the following?

  • Do others comment about how loud you have the TV or Radio?
  • Do you experience tension and frustration with family and friends because of difficulty in basic communications?
  • Do you find that you understand better when someone is facing you and you may be reading their lips without even noticing it?
  • Do you find yourself withdrawing and isolating more and more.
  • Do you have feelings of insecurity and possibly depression?
  • Do you find it more comfortable to stay out of conversations with large groups?
  • Many people feel shame associated with not being able to grasp comments or words when others are speaking. They slowly withdraw more and more from circumstances that put them in this position.

These are subtle but yet very serious, debilitating signs and symptoms of hearing lose, and yet if left untreated for too long can lead to many more serious health risk and issues.

Other issues we face:

Stereotypes & Stigmas-In today’s society we put a lot of emphasis on our obsession with youth and the youthful image that most people associate wearing a hearing device with a flaw, disability or a sign of getting old. To some, even a small cosmetic change in appearance that they view in a negative way is just simply unacceptable. The truth is that having a hearing aid allows the person to be more active, more involved with others, feel better about themselves, and live a more fulfilling life! A small change in appearance, if noticed at all, doesn’t compare to the change in your life by being able to live more fully and share more with your family and friends.

Change-We tend to like our comfort zones and getting a hearing aid presents a challenge of adapting to something new, especially with the elderly. Having to put forth a little effort on the client’s part is sometimes an overwhelming thought. This little effort can however, open up a person’s opportunities, many of which have been thought to be lost for years. People find themselves getting back into group activities, playing cards, going to movies, and having fun in open group settings once again. Activities that had once been lost, regained.

Cost-Hearing Aids can be an expense that a lot of clients tend to not look at as a cost worthy expense. Medicare and most Insurance policies generally do not cover the cost. However, the majority of hearing aid dispensers offer some type of financing to help with the cost. With financing available, everyone can see the true value that a hearing aid provides and far offsets any cost or payments with a new quality of life.

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