S Series IQ

Starkey S Series™ has the latest technology when it comes to hearing aids.They are the world’s largest manufacturer of hearing aids and have been manufacturing hearing aids since 1973. Over the years Starkey has marketed several brands of hearing aids for a wide range of users at varying costs. Starkey is renowned as offering the best feedback manager of all the hearing aid manufacturers and now claim to have incorporated a new even more advanced system for reducing feedback – this should benefit all those customers who have experienced difficulties with unwanted whistling.

With the addition of Voice iQ, Starkey’s new industry-leading noise reduction and speech preservation system, S Series delivers maximum performance, comfort and personalization to fit any lifestyle and hearing need.
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  • S Series iQ BTE (Behind-The-Ear)
  • S Series iQ Custom -All In-Ear-Canal Models
  • S Series iQ IIC (Invisible-In-The-Canal)
  • S Series iQ RIC (Receiver-In-Canal)

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