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Frances has been a tremendous help in dealing with my profound hearing loss and purchase of my Hearing Aids in Baton Rouge, La. It is through her patience and determination that I have not given up on hearing better. She has put in a lot of time and effort working with me to find the right hearings aids. After two unsuccessful attempts with a different type of hearing aid, she found the one that worked best for me. I am satisfied with my hearing aid product and extremely happy with the service Frances provided. The service includes convenient home visits, phone consultations, and personal attention. Frances will continue to be of service to me. She is only a phone call away if I have any questions or concerns.

Thelma A.



My 85 year-young Mom claimed that her hearing was ‘fine’, but her blaring TV said otherwise.  Having known Frances for several years, and having witnessed how well she cares for her patients, I was confident that she could help the situation if anyone could.  As expected, Frances very patiently tested Mom’s hearing and confirmed the degree of impairment. She then offered several options and fitted Mom with an almost-invisible hearing aid that really works.  The results have been amazing!

Dana V.
Baton Rouge, La



Hearing aids! I never imagined what a difference they could make! When Frances fitted my 88 year old mother-in-law, we found that she definitely needed hearing aids and was, in fact, profoundly deaf in some tones! No wonder she always sat quietly and rarely spoke at family gatherings.  We knew that she had problems hearing us, but had no idea what an incredible change hearing aids would make in her life!  Now at weddings, funeral and other family gatherings, she is seen “working the crowd ” talking and laughing with everyone.  She hears the spoon scraping on the bottom of the pot now when she makes our favorite dish – spaghetti!  I almost felt guilty for all the years she has been locked in silence.  My husband and I just thought that was the way she had become.

Frances has also fitted my ex-in-laws with hearing aids.  My 82-year-old father-in-law has had hearing problems for years and has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.  His wife had been shouting at him for years so that he could hear her.  He had purchased three different hearing aids over the year and desperately wanted to hear.  His son has purchased numerous gadgets, like headphones for the T.V.  Apparently none of them were helping him to hear.  The first night, he didn’t want to take them off to go to sleep!  He loves music and football, and while this won’t cure his Alzheimer’s illness, it will make it easier for his wife to communicate with him and provide an avenue for him to enjoy what he can. My 83-year-old ex-mother-in-law, immediately began speaking to him softer herself, once she was fitted with her own hearing aids.  The strain of Alzheimer’s has been bad enough, but compounded so much more with their hearing loss problem.  Frances came to their home to test and fit them for hearing aids.  Doctors appointments are such a hassle for both of them and having it done in the comfort of their home , it so much easier.   They could try out listening to the T.V. and talking on their home phone to be sure the hearing aids worked well in their home environment.

Once my son had to literally break into the house to see if his grandfather was O.K. because he could not hear the doorbell or very loud knocking on the wall right beside his chair.  He was asleep and never heard a thing.  What a relief it is to know that he can at last hear what is going on around him.  He and his wife will be much safer.  Just think if a burglar had come in his house instead of his grandson!

If you have a loved on who has problems hearing, you owe it to yourself and your family to check it out.  By the time you notice a hearing problem, they have been reading lips for a long time to compensate.  Screenings are free and Frances puts no pressure on you whatsoever on you to buy.  Frances has worn hearing aids herself for 20 years and knows how to fit and adjust them to individual needs.

Frances, thanks so much for making an incredible difference in all of our lives!

Brushley, La.



Dear Frances,

It is with heartfelt gratitude that I write this special note to you.  I have never in my 85 years ever had such a caring salesperson.  You have been so attentive.  I never have to talk to recordings on the phone because you check to see if my hearing aid is working properly to my satisfaction.

You have gone above and beyond my expectations.  For this, I am greatly appreciative and truly thank you. Frances, you are a kind person who helps from the heart which is why you do your job so well.  You are a good friend.


Angeline N.
Donaldsonville, LA


Sound surrounds me every second of every day.  Birds chirp, raindrops hit the pavement, and keys click on a keyboard.  Without my 3 series hearing aids these sounds become silent.

Quality Hearing Aids owner Ms. Frances Newman provides a one on one personal experience for each of her clients as she strives to provide the best and most convenient hearing aids that work for YOU!  Considering I am a senior studying Psychology at Louisiana State University with the intentions to attend graduate school in my future, Ms. Frances fitted me with the 3 series hearing aids, along with the Surf Link Mobile Device that allows me to stream directly from my professors during a lecture.  This consequently provides me with the quality of education I need for my future.  Not only does the 3 Series Hearing Aids and Surf Link Mobile Device help me in my education, it also provides me with the ability to use the telephone device and makes television a more enjoyable pastime.

Ms. Frances is easily accessible and available to her clients at any time.  On top of her many years of experience and dedication to her field of work, her positive outlook on life and smile makes your overall visit comfortable and more enjoyable.  Ms. Frances’ goal is to provide an easier and more enjoyable life for each of her clients, enabling them to live with happiness that is filled with many sounds that surround us each day.

I am blessed to have such a lovely woman make such a huge difference in my life physically with the amazing hearing aids and emotionally with her kind spirit.

L.S.U. Student

Shaely C.
Lockport, La.



When I found out that I needed hearing aids, I didn’t know what to do, nor whom to turn to. I found Frances Newman at Quality Hearing Aids. She did not push me to purchase the most expensive, rather hearing aids that fit my budget and lifestyle. Frances was there beginning to end, and answered my numerous telephone calls and questions. She was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I am quick to recommend Quality Hearing Aids and Frances Newman for your hearing needs.

John Fallon



January 9, 2015

I received my Starkey Z Series CIC Digital hearing aid from Quality Hearing Aids on January 30, 2015. Prior to that, Ms. Frances Newman performed a complete hearing assessment on me (Ha! My wife had already performed a crude one of her own!) and carefully explained the pros and cons of the different hearing aids available to me. She created a mold of my ear canal and it took less than a week to receive my hearing aid.

I had long been asking people (see: wife) to repeat themselves and often, because I didn’t want to ask a second or third time, I would answer “Yes” or nod. My wife would laugh and say, “You have no idea what you just agreed to, do you?!?” And I didn’t. I really could not understand what was being said anymore!

Putting the hearing aid in my ear was a startling experience! Suddenly, I felt that I was ONLY hearing out of my “bad” ear! Ms. Newman made adjustments per my request/direction. Unfortunately, I spent the following three days out of town and felt like I was wearing an ear plug instead of a hearing aid! I went back on Monday morning, Ms. Newman reset my device to the original settings that the factory had programmed using my hearing tests as guidance. A few small tweaks (in her computer) and I was on my way!

I can honestly attest (and my wife concurs) that I no longer need to have people repeat themselves – even if I am in a crowded, noisy room (this was the worst for me before)!

I have long suffered from tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and I have noticed that my hearing aid has greatly reduced and sometimes removed this bothersome problem, too.

I highly recommend Quality Hearing Aids to anyone and everyone who recognizes the signs that I have described above. Do it for yourself. Do it for those around you.

B.C. “Butch” Peno



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