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Oticon Hearing Aid Styles


OPN Series 1,2,3

Oticon OpnH1 hearing aids with Tinnitus SoundSupport help you take control of your tinnitus by playing a wide range of relief sounds like white noise and soothing ocean-like sounds. With Oticon Opn, you can discreetly control the sounds in your hearing aids using the Oticon ON App for iPhone and Android. You can adjust the sounds until they give the relief you need - wherever you find yourself needing it. What's more, you can wirelessly stream alternative tinnitus relief options, such as your favorite music, audio books, pod casts, or even relaxation guides.

It is available in all Oticon Opn styles and performance levels, choose from a variety of relief sounds, including the popular ocean-like sounds, that can be adjusted to your personal preferences.


Oticon - Opn family
Oticon - Siya

Siya series

Oticon Siya is a quantum leap forward for the whole essential category of hearing aids.

What if you could offer all of your clients excellent sound quality, outstanding wireless connectivity, and a comprehensive choice of styles and accessories?

With Oticon Siya, you can. Siya is built on the ultra-fast Velox platform, powering advanced technologies such as 2.4 GHz Bluetooth low energy connectivity, high-resolution sound processing, and super-fast multiband adaptive directionality.

This powerful-yet-simple hearing aid is for everyone who just wants to get out there and make the most of every moment.

Oticon - siya
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