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Here is what our costumers are saying about us...

Frances has been a tremendous help in dealing with my profound hearing loss and purchase of my Hearing Aids in Baton Rouge, La. It is through her patience and determination that I have not given up on hearing better. She has put in a lot of time and effort working with me to find the right hearings aids. After two unsuccessful attempts with a different type of hearing aid, she found the one that worked best for me. I am satisfied with my hearing aid product and extremely happy with the service Frances provided. The service includes convenient home visits, phone consultations, and personal attention. Frances will continue to be of service to me. She is only a phone call away if I have any questions or concerns.

Thelma A.

My 85 year-young Mom claimed that her hearing was ‘fine', but her blaring TV said otherwise. Having known Frances for several years, and having witnessed how well she cares for her patients, I was confident that she could help the situation if anyone could. As expected, Frances very patiently tested Mom's hearing and confirmed the degree of impairment. She then offered several options and fitted Mom with an almost-invisible hearing aid that really works. The results have been amazing!

Dana V. - Baton Rouge, LA

Hearing aids! I never imagined what a difference they could make! When Frances fitted my 88 year old mother-in-law, we found that she definitely needed hearing aids and was, in fact, profoundly deaf in some tones! No wonder she always sat quietly and rarely spoke at family gatherings. We knew that she had problems hearing us, but had no idea what an incredible change hearing aids would make in her life! Now at weddings, funeral and other family gatherings, she is seen “working the crowd” talking and laughing with everyone. She hears the spoon scraping on the bottom of the pot now when she makes our favorite dish – spaghetti! I almost felt guilty for all the years she has been locked in silence. My husband and I just thought that was the way she had become. Frances, thanks so much for making an incredible difference in our lives!

Margaret - Baton Rouge, LA

When I found out that I needed hearing aids, I didn't know what to do, nor whom to turn to. I found Frances Newman at Quality Hearing Aids. She did not push me to purchase the most expensive, rather hearing aids that fit my budget and lifestyle. Frances was there beginning to end, and answered my numerous telephone calls and questions. She was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I am quick to recommend Quality Hearing Aids and Frances Newman for your hearing needs.

John F.

Dear Frances,
It is with heartfelt gratitude that I write this special note to you. I have never in my 85 years ever had such a caring salesperson. You have been so attentive. I never have to talk to recordings on the phone because you check to see if my hearing aid is working properly to my satisfaction.You have gone above and beyond my expectations. For this, I am greatly appreciative and truly thank you. Frances, you are a kind person who helps from the heart which is why you do your job so well. You are a good friend.

Angeline N.D., LA

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