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Health Risks Associated with Hearing Loss

Health Risk when a hearing problem goes Untreated

woman discussing hearing aids with an elderly man

Hearing loss is a slow and insidious process, and many people don't realize how bad their hearing has become until they get a hearing test. In fact hearing loss is the third most prevalent chronic health problem in older adults. 

  • Delayed treatment can make your hearing loss worse and once you lose it you can never get it back.

  • A new study conducted by the Johns Hopkins University school of Medicine in Baltimore in conjunction with the National Institute on aging, found that people that experience a significant hearing loss as they age are five times more likely to develop cognitive impairment and that even mild hearing loss doubled one's risk.

  • Hearing loss can triple your risk of dementia depending on the severity.

  • Social isolation occurs in people with a hearing loss which is also a risk factor for dementia and can lead to loss of self-esteem and depression.

  • Even a mild hearing loss can triple the risk of falling because of its effects on balance according to a study of Finnish Twins.

  • The issues surrounding basic communication can cause increased stress, frustration and anxiety within the family unit on a daily basis.

  • It can create difficulties in the area of your career.

  • Compounds the health and mobility issues of the elderly

Bottom line is that the advantages to addressing your hearing problems can help assist you in many other areas of your life with the ability to hear better. 

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